Collaborative Family Law


Collaborative Family Law is a way to resolve family law disputes respectfully and without going to court.

Dr. Marowitz works in concert with a community of legal, financial and mental health professionals to create a client-centered process for resolving conflict.  The group works as a team to give clients the resources they need to understand the choices available to them to formulate a constructive plan. The collaborative process is based on a pledge not to go to court, an open exchange of information and reaching the best possible agreement for your family. In the collaborative process, each client has the support, protection and guidance of his or her own attorney who works with the collaborative team. The collaborative team includes a neutral mental health professional and a neutral financial professional. Other professionals may be included depending on the needs of your family. Each client has the option of choosing the professionals with whom they wish to work.

As an incentive, the parties must sign an agreement that if the case goes to litigation, the collaborative professionals will have to withdraw.  This requirement provides the parties with the incentive to fully embrace the collaborative process.  The process enables them to be completely forthcoming and creative in a safe environment.  The parties’ discussions and negotiations are confidential.

The collaborative process recognizes that even though a legal agreement to end a marriage is being sought, relationships and obligations may continue especially if children are involved. This process helps all family members move forward in a positive way and minimizes the pain of a very emotional and difficult transition.  The collaborative process replaces court drama with a system that takes control of the outcome away from a judge and puts it back into the hands of the parties.  Couples customize a settlement that best fits their goals and family circumstances.  The process is designed to balance the power between the divorcing spouses and protect the rights of each individual.

Dr. Marowitz utilizes the interdisciplinary model of collaborative practice. She has served as a mental health neutral and coach.


For more information about the collaborative law process, please visit The Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida and The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

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I'm Dr. Roberta Marowitz. I am the Founder and Director of Counseling & Relationship Institute. As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and psychotherapist, I offer individual, couple, family and group counseling services. For over 35 years, it has been my pleasure to help people in Central Florida with a broad range of issues.

In addition, I work in concert with legal and financial professionals in the area of Collaborative Family Law, which offers a way to resolve family legal disputes respectfully without going to court.

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